Nikon D600 review : ISO 100-102,400 image comparison

Nikon D600
The Nikon D600 : a prosumer Full Frame DSLR

Here is a composite image of Nikon D600 images shot at all ISO settings, from ISO 100 to ISO 12,800, then at the extended sensibilities till ISO 102,400 equivalent. These 100% crops were cut out from the JPG files directly from the camera (Picture Control “SD” / JPEG quality on “Fine”). I may be mistaken, but it looks like the D600 images ar not as good as the D800 images in spite of the extra 12 million pixels on the same sensor area. I will update this article tomorrow with high ISO comparison images with my D800.

What I see : the image is very good from ISO 100-800. Then, at ISO 1,600, we see some noise reduction artefacts, but the image appear to be quite usable till ISO 3,200. At ISO 6,400 and above, I am not sure. I’d have to print it to make my mind. Sure the 24-megapixel count will help getting nicer results once printed.

Nikon D600 camera review
The Nikon D600 JPEG images / 100% crops / straight from the camera, unedited.


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