iPhoto for iOS V1.1 now supports 36-megapixel images


iPhoto for iOS is updated today by Apple which release the V1.1 and adapts to very large image file sizes to match the recent DSLR huge megapixel count of th erecent months. iPhoto for iOS will be able to handle images as big as 36.5 megapixels. Obviously, Apple had the Nikon D800 highest resolution threshold in mind, but that will be useful also for the 24MP Nikon D3200, Sony NEX-7, the latest Nikon D600 and so on. Don’t try to make some adjustments on large files on your iPhone, even th eiPhone 5. Only the New iPad will have the sufficient power to deal with these files.
But this update also breaks a silly rule : you can now get the full resolution image on your iPhone or iPad when you transfer them via iTunes. The resize process is not mandatory any more.
iPhoto for iOS V1.1 adds some new digital effects, the possibility to create smart albums through custom tags an to upload videos to Facebook. You can assign these videos some location data and person’s name.

Don’t try to update your iPhone or iPad if you don’t have iOS 6 installed as iPhoto for iOS 1.1 will only work under iOS 6. The update is free for current user and the app is sold €3.99 / $4.99 on itunes.

Guess what I am doing right now… updating my New iPad with iOS6…


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