Canon Pixma PRO-10 and PRO-100 new A3+ photo printers


Canon widens its line of fine art A3+ photo printers and announces the Pixma PRO-10 and a cheaper Pixma PRO-100 that will be sold with the Pixma PRO-1. Both printers get separated ink cartridges (8 for one and 10 for the other one) and are aimed towards enthusiast amateur photographers and professional photographers. They accept papers till A3+ size and the new paper path (with the rear paper tank) takes better care of the paper’s structure. Talking about paper, Canon also launch a new fine Art paper, a smooth structure lustrated paper under the reference LU-101.


Canon Pixma PRO-100

The Pixma PRO-100 is the successor to the Pixma Pro9000 Mark II. It uses 8 different inks, dye inks, and prints a A3+ photo with margins in as fast as 90s. For black and white prints, it gets 3 monochrom ink cartridges : black, grey and light grey. The ChromaLife100+ technology ensure the prints durability. The Canon Pixma PRO-100 printer will be available in November 2012 for €499.

canon pixma pro-100
The Canon Pixma PRO-100 A3+ photo printer


Canon Pixma PRO-10

The canon Pixma PRO-10 replaces the Pixma Pro9500 Mark II and uses 10 inks, LUCIA inks, in order to get a wide gamut. The Chroma Optimizer system, appeared first on the Pixma PRO-1, improves color vibrancy and deepens the backs while homogenizing the  the glossy appearance and avoids bronzing effect that often appears on the blacks. It prints an A3+ image in 3mn. The Canon Pixma PRO-100 will be sold in Novembre 2012 for €699.

canon pixma pro 10 printer
The Canon Pixma PRO-10 A3+ photo printer, with 10 LUCIA inks and ChromaOptimizer layer.

Connectivité : Ethernet / Wi-Fi

Both Canon Pixma PRO-10 and PRO-100 get Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. That is quite useful for a studio setup or in a communication agency, at a photographer’s… and thanks to the Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to print the images that are stuck into your smartphone or tablet, wireless.


New Print Studio Pro software

Canon has changed the printing software for these two new printers. Print Studio Pro remplaces Easy Photo Print Pro and can be used with Canon DPP (Digital Photo Profesional), Lightroom, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Its user interface has been redesigned, is easier and offres new layout options. It can deal with your own customized ICC printing profiles or handling the color management for referenced papers.

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