Usain Bolt stills a Nikon D4 and shoots Yohan Blake


Usain Bolt is the fastest man on Earth. We know that. Usain Bolt is a total show-man. We know that as well. But what we’ve learnt yesterday after the 200m final at the London 2012 Olympic Games is that Usain Bolt can turn into a pretty tralented photographer !

Usain Bolt is always cool before races. And after races, especiay after winning the race (which happens quite a bit…) he turns into a performer. yesterday, as he won his second gold medal in the same week, he celebrated for hours. And after having offered the world’s televisions his famous mimics, he stoll a digital SLR from a photographer, Jimmy Wixtröm, working for the Scandinavian paper, the aftonbladet. (where you can find a slideshow of the event) Guess what a camera he picked ? He took a Nikon D4. He then started shooting photos of Yohan Blake, his countrymate, challenger and relay team member who acted like a professional model under the lens of Bolt’s camera. Then Usain Bolt panned to shoot the photographers.

Notice how tiny the Nikon D4 can look in the giant Jamaican sprint king hands ! It looks like a toy camera or a microscopic mirrorless camera !

But pay attention to the way Usain Bolt holds the camera. He is acting like a pro photographer. First, he put the camera’s belt atound his neck for safety. Then, he hold the camera as one should : with the left hand under the zoom lens and not the other round as many first time users do. He seems to be zooming in and out as well.

That was a great free advertising session for Nikon which will surely grab a portion of Bolt’s giganticly positive image.

Look at these photos… can you guess which lens was mounted on the camera ? Come on my Facebook page and propose your guess.

Usain Bolt holding the D4 like a pro
Usain Bolt holding the Nikon D4 like a pro would use his DSLR


The photography masterpiece by Usain Bolt. OK, the subject is way too centered, but the model seems famous....