Snapseed Desktop 1.2 brings new filters and functions


Nik Software update Snapseed Desktop which is now available in versin 1.2, a version that brings new functions and filters. Snapseed Desktop is the Mac OS X photography software adapted from the iPhone and iPad photo retouching and enhancement application. With Snapseed Desktop 1.2, you may now download a tria version that works for 15 days before buying the piece of software. With this update, Snapseed Desktop is also sold at half price until August 16th on

Snapseed Desktop 1.2 : what’s new

  • new filters
  • Possibility to cancel an adjustment or a filter
  • You can now resize your images before sharing them by email…
  • New focus tool that lets you play on the brightness of the image to lead the viewer’s eyes to the subject you want to highlight
  • You may now record your own presets
  • Snapseed Desktop 1.2 remembers the photos you recently worked on in order to reopen them easily afterwards

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