Pixelmator 2.1 : iCloud, Mountain Lion, Retina display, Instagram-like filters


Pixelmator evolves in version 2.1, a new update that brings a bunch of interesting new features, tools and compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and iCloud. Its price is also severly cut down and that makes Pixelmator a must have on you Mac.


Pixelmator 2.1 : what’s new ?

  • Pixelmator 2.1 is now fully compatible with the high-definition Retina Display of the new Apple Macbook Pro Retina. That ends up in a much better looking software and when you will zoom in your photo in order to display it at 100% (1:1 scale), you will see 4 times more of your image. Useful.
  • iCloud is now integrated into Pixelmator and you will be able to sync your images and retouching work between your Mac computers.
  • Effects Browser : finally, the Apple dedicated photography software gathers all image editing tools, filters and effects into one single pannel. You can search the effect you wish to apply typing its name, apply the filter by double-clicking on the filter’s thumbnail or dragging and dropping it on your image. Nice and easy.
  • New filters are now available and among them lets name the Vintage effects that will remind you of Instagram, but also the miniature effect that you can easily edit, and rain or snow filters.
  • Alignment guides : these guides (like the ones we know in apple’s iWork productivity software suite) help you aligning the objects you will paste on your photomontage. You can center it, you can align them all together…
  • Pixelmator 2.1 is optimized for Mountain Lion and will take advantage of the graphic acceleration process of the operating system using the computing power of the GPU. Pixelmator is 64-bit native built.


Pixelmator : $14.99 deal

The editor of Pixelmator is slashing its price tag down and you can now get Pixelmator 2.1 for as low as $14.99 that makes this photography software a must-have for photo retouching and editing on a Mac. Sure, this price cut (was sold $59.99 a few months ago) will help increasing the rising success of this very well thought app among mac users.

Pixelmator : alternative photography editing tool for Mac

Yes, Pixelmator is a very well-thought piece of software that has been developed for Mac OS X only and this shows : its user interface is in perfect harmony with Mac OS X graphic interface, you can work in full screen mode since Lion, it offers a 64-bit native architecture, you can browse your iPhoto or Aperture photo librairies, scroll through the events and albums you have created, integrate Pixelmator actions in an Automator script like for pasting a watermark copyright or resizing images, etc… It manages layers and can be seen as a mini-cheap-Photoshop that will satisfy 95% of most photographers needs as a complement to iPhoto or Aperture. It is worth trying and… btw, Pixelmator offers you the chance to try it for free here.

Pixelmator 2.1
Pixelmator 2.1 miniature tool

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