Perfectly Clear now available for Android smartphones and tablets


You most certainly already know Perfectly Clear, Athentec Imaging Photoshop and Lightroom plug-in that enhances your images. Today, a brand new version of the sofware is available for Android users. An iPhone and iPad version already exists but Android smartphones and tablets could not use Perfectly Clear, till now.

The main interest of Perfectly Clear is the way it is efficient working on its auto mode. It analyses your image, detects the kind of scene was captured and sets impressive improvements accordingly. Perfectly Clear corrects the exposure, contrast and brightness of the photo, corrects any color cast or faulty white balance, enhances sharpness, reduces noise, improves vibrancy to end up with really better looking prints. Quite useful on a poor camera device like the ones used on most Android smartphones and tablets. But Perfectly Clear also detects faces and will smoothen the skin texture while enhancing the skin tone erasing the infrared color cast you did not see on your subject when you shot the image. If you are willing to pay a little 0.99$ extra, you can buy an additional beauty preset that will also whiten the teeth and widen the eyes for better looking portraits. Actually, you also have to pay to get the smooth skin effect as well but the Android versin of Perfectly Clear is sold for $0.99 only (introductory price, then $1.99) while the iPhone version is sold $2.99 and the iPad version is sold $5.99.

To improve productivity, Perfectly Clear for Android devices can process multiple images in a single batch and use presets, either presets already offered by the software like backlit correction, color cast correction… but you may also create your own photo retouching sets and apply your own presets with the touch of a button.

Perfectly Clear for Android is now available on Google Play for $0.99 within a few hours. It is said to be available on August 1st.

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