Olympus is working on a pro camera, DLSR ?


Olympus has a professional camera in the pipes.This is not my guessing, it is its DSLR planning department boss, Watanabe San statement in an official press release that looks like a “you will see an E-6 at the Photokina 2012 !” warning. Pro and semipro photographers were kind of let down by Olympus, one pf the inventors of the Digital SLR concept with the launch of the E-1 back in 2005. This next generation pro camera will feature a super fast autofocus and will be aimed towards photographers who own some high-quality lens pieces like the Zuiko 90-250mm f/2.8 reminds us Akira Watanabe. He also says that the OM-D pushed the boundaries of the mirrroless camera range but that really ambitious photographers need an other camera to suite their E-mount lenses. Therefore, the new professional camera should feature a 4:3 E-mount sensor, that is not a surprise, but the camera will definitely not be a MFT, but a real old-fashion DSLR.

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