Nikon 1 : the J2 on its way, a possible compact standard zoom lens


We are now entering the new camera announcement time which will be important this year, a Photokina year. nikonrumors has information of a logical new Nikon 1 J2, successor to the Nikon J1 unveiled one year ago. It looks like the advanced model, the Nikon V1, won’t get a successor this fall. A Wi-Fi compatibility could be among the improvements over the J1, a camera that disappointed some but really sells like crazy. When I went to Nikon press event last year where they announced the so-called Nikon 1 “revolution”…. I was quite surprised by the size of the CX lenses which I think are too big for such a small sensor (1”). I told Nikon marketing manager they really could have done a lot more miniturizing the lenses, which is the key to mirrorless cameras success. It is a nonsense to have an extra small and thin body like the SOny NEX-5N but with DSLR-lens-size-like zoom attached…. So I warmly welcome the rumor published on Nikonrumors of a new more compact standard zoom coming with the Nikon J2.

I also expect Nikon to widen the Nikon 1 lens range this year.

Remember that a few weeks ago, Sony unveiled the Sony RX100, a prosumer camera featuring the same size sensor, 1″, that really can be seen as a mirrorless camera killer. I am planning the Sony RX100 review within a few weeks.


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