DxO Optics Pro V7.5.4 : 8000 lens-camera modules and Sony RX100, Pentax K-30 support


DxO delivers an other update of its photography enhancement software, DxO Optics Pro V7.5.4 that, with the addition of 400 new lens/camera combinations profiled, will now offer over 8000 modules. The cameras and lenses database embedded in DxO is now extensive and there are great chances your gear is supported by DxO Optic Pro, allowing automatic lens correction (the finest of all software, undoubtedly) and image enhancement (sharpness, noise reduction, tones…).

DxO Optics Pro 7.5.4, available today on DxO Labs website, now supports the RAW (and JPEG files as well) of 2 recent cameras I am going to talk a lot about in the coming days : the weather-sealed amateur DSLR Pentax K-30 I am planning to publish a review of within a few days (I took it with me to Guadeloupe and the Desirade Islands last month to test its sand / water spills resistance) but also the Sony RX100, this now famous high-end compact camera featurung a 1″ CMOS sensor. Expect impressive sensor perofrmance on the benchmark I’ll have online by the end of week and I should receive my own RX100 test sample today. Am flying to London for the day on Friday to attend a secret press event of a camera brand… and will seize this opportunity to test the RX100 over there. (funny : as I am writting these lines, the delivery man just came by at the studio to deliver the RX100. It is now unboxed and its battery is charging. The camera is as small as expected and I think I already love it…).

If you are a Lightroom user, note that Adobe released a RC of Lightroom 4.2 which will supports the Sony RX100 Raw files. (as the Canon Rebel T4i / EOS 650D, EOS M, Fujifilm F800 EXR…)

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