Nikon D800E review at photographyblog and vs D800 comparison at dpreview


5 star rating, “Essential”, the NIkon D800E did great for its review among the British editors team. The key is : will a D800E do really better than a D800 ? Talking about resolution, the review answers a definite yes. You know that when I tested the D800 vs the D800E, I was not so enthusiastic about that (see my article where you can download some Nikon D800E raw files). Photographyblog states that the extra amount of details rendered by the E version of the D800, thanks to the suppression of the low-pass filter makes this DSLR a competitor to medium format cameras. Regarding the moiré, does it rise more than you would wish ? The review answers with a no, unless you shoot man made repetitive patterns, or a fabric, woven. As you stated in my own observations, moiré was not the main issue I encountered with the D800E.

Raw dynamic range, tonality, every criteria of image quality was great on their review. They really loved that digital SLR at and I suggest you read the full review with sample images inside.

Photographyblog is not the only one to have a D800E review published now and dpreview has updated its Nikon D800 review with the D800E. I was expecting dpreview update to check my findings on the D800 vs D800E review. On their images, the D800E shows a very thin extra amount of details. The images don’t show the issues I found like CA. They also did compare different RAW processing softwares and found that Capture One 6 was giving sharper and crispier edges. The thing is, they included DxO Optics Pro V7 in their comparison but the software does not support the D800E RAW files. For a while, the beta version of the V7.5 update of DxO Optics Pro could handle the D800E processing, but it was through the D800 camera module. Since then, they released the final versin of the versin 7.5 and cancelled the possibility to process D800E raw files. They still have some work to do on the camera profile so. I bet they will be the best photography software for the D800E Raw files knowing how good they are at applying sharpening and correcting CA, Moiré…

The D800 vs D800E comparison at dpreview.

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