Lomography Fisheye baby 110 miniature analog camera


It has a 170° angle of view, a fisheye lens, a fixed aperture of f/8 – 1/100s and bulb, and works with 110 analog films : meet the Lomo Fisheye Baby 110. Launched by Lomography.com where you can buy it, the Fisheye baby 110 is available in two versions : Basic, sold $39 and metal, sold $59. The camera is very very very small and this tiny little camera looks like a toy to me. The images you can expect from the Lomo Fisheye Baby will be near a toy camera filter on a digital camera and images can be shot without framing through the optical external viewfinder. You won’t need to focus neither thanks to a super wide angle lens and a f/8 aperture that will offer a kind of hyperfocal setting with a maximum depth of filed. And shooting without fraiming nor fosusing to get the photographers instinct back and capture street photography or life’s moments, that is what Lomography is all about.

lomography camera
lomography fisheye baby 110 analog film camera


I appreciate the fact that they also launch affordable black and white analog 110 film along with this camera.

More on the Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 and the 110 format analog film on lomography online store.

Here is a short promotional video that offers a nice overview of Lomography’s spirit :

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