Leica M9 vs Leica M Monochrom


David Farkas published an interesting review of the Leica M Monochrom compared to the M9 on the Leica photography gear blog, Reddotforum.com. He tested bot rangefinder cameras with the Leica M-APO-SUMMICRON 50mm lens under dim light, in a church. Take a look at the comparison images. The noise difference is stunning. Even though Leica claimed that the M9 film-like fine grain was among the camera’s qualities, the M Monochrom images are very very clean compared to the M9. Both cameras share the same sensor base (yet, without optical low-pass filter on the Monochrom). Surprisingly, this difference is obvious as low as ISO 320, and with no  in-camera noise reduction. Things get worse and worse till the M9 gives up at ISO 2,500, its highest ISO setting while the Leica M-Monochrom can go further till ISO 5,000 and ISO 10,000. David seized the opportunity to display comparison shots between images taken with and without the NR of the Leica M Monochrom. The NR algorithm i efficient and still preserves the natural aspect of the image. Sometimes, they tend to wash up details and swallow the entire grain, more than we would wish. Not at Leica’s…


Leica M Monochrom vs Leica M9 at ISO 1,250
Leica M Monochrom vs Leica M9 at ISO 1,250 : a rangefinder dual. Image from RedDotForum.com.


If you are a Leica fan… I had the opportunity to play around with a Leica M9 last summer. Here is a photo gallery from the Leica M9 for you, with images that you can download in full size.

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