Easy Macro : macro photography lens for your iphone


Simple as everything should be, Easy Macro for smartphones is a brillant lens addition to your iphone or smartphone. It is only made of a rubber band that you attach around your iphone while paying attention to locate the macro lens above your camera module. You are then ready to go. Used on an iphone 4 or 4s, the Easy Macro rubber band hides the flash and that will be quite convenient to avoid washed out tones when the iPhone flash triggers as you try to shoot a macro photography without manually switching off the flash (I am sure you must have experience that….). Easy Macro seems to be designed for the iPhone 4S and 4 but it works with practically all existing smartphones that come with a built-in camera and even with tablets as the rubber band is very elastic.

Easy Macro only costs $15 (on easy-macro.com)and is delivered on a credit card type card board that makes this little accessory easy to store and take with you everywhere. The magnifying ratio and minimal focusing distance depends on the natural specifications of your smartphone camera module.

easy macro lens iphone
Easy Macro : a simple and cheap macro lens with a a rubber band for iphone and other smartphones or tablets


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