Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i : multitouch swivel screen and hybrid AF


The Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i is the yearly update of the APS-C amateur DSLR in Canon’s range. Last year, Canon added a swivel screen and wireless flash control to the EOS 550D / T2i with the launch of the EOS 600D / T3i. This year, I have the feeling that Canon added more substantial changes and improvements to the camera. As you will see, apart from built quality, shutter and viewfinder, the new Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i is very much alike or even superior to the EOS 60D.

But a few things don’t change. Although they adapted the 18MP CMOS sensor  to offer hybrid autofocus, I bet it is still the same old sensor as the one that appeared in the EOS 7D 4 years ago. But the sensor review will tell if I am wrong, which I deeply hope I am. The Rebel T4i/EOS650D can of course wirelessly control external Speedlite flashes. It offers Full HD movie recording and a stereo microphone input. The viewfinder is, to my taste, the weakest point of the camera, a simple pentamirror with a 95% coverage only and a 0.85x magnification. Pentax with the K-30 weather-sealed amateur DSLR showed that we could get a decent pentaprisme viewfinder in a cheap camera. Of course, the 660D / T4i gets the iCFL 63-zone exposure metering coupled with the AF sensor based on color layers.

canon eos 650d / Rebel T4i DSLR
The Canon EOS 650D (EU) or Rebel T4i (USA) swivel screen has multitouch capacities like the iphone/ipad.

Here are the main improvements :

  • Hybrid CMOS sensor : the 18MP sensor has photodiodes that are dedicated to contrast detection AF in order to provide an efficient and silent focus in video and LiveView modes. Therefore, the Rebel T4i / EOS 650D is the first Canon HDSLR to receive a full time AF in video mode. It should be quite pleasant and comfortable, silent as well, with the new EF 18-135mm IS STM lens, designed for smooth, fast and quiet focusing in video.
  • 9 cross type phase detection AF sensors
  • DIGIC 5 processor
  • Multitouch screen : just like you would do on an iphone, the new 1,040,000 dots 3″ 3:2 format ClearVieew II TFT can be used to zoom in a photo by pinching it, to switch from one photo to the next one by swiping the screen or to choose the face to focus on, to trigger the camera… A touch-screen in a Canon DSLR… one could fear an epic fail… but actually, they did it right with a VERY DECENT screen that will really help and add fun to the camera use. Talking about advanced features, you won’t find Wi-Fi and GPS sensor among the “new stuff” list of the Rebel T4i / EOS 650D…)
  • ISO 25,600 limit for stills and ISO 12 800 for movies, one EV further than its predecessor
  • 5 fps : while the EOS 600D / Rebel T3i reached barely 3.7 fps and the EOS 60D 5.3 fps
  • New AI Servo mode derived from the new one that appeared on the EOS 5D Mark III.
  • HDR mode / low light handheld modes : like Sony offers on its cameras, Canon finally adds a real HDR mode shooting 3 bracketed frames and blending them into one single high dynamic range photo.
  • Basic+ with picture style : empowering the photographer to use a secure auto mode while applying some image settings
  • PASM exposure mode for video. The video icon has been swiped off the DSLR dial. You now just need to set the camera to the proper mode (ie A mode if you plan to film in Aperture priority mode) and to push the red dot video button to start filming in Aperture priority mode. They finally got it right.


canon eos 650D digital slr / Digital Rebel T4i SLR
The EOS 650D is built on the same frame and body as the EOS 600D, compact and pretty lightweight.

Canon EOS 650D full technical specs 




The Canon EOS 650D / Digital Rebel T4i can be seen as a baby EOS 60D offering highly similar specs (Full HD movie, 5 fps, iCFL 63 areas, 9 cross type AF sensors, wireless flash control…) with the multitouch screen and hybride sensor with full time AF in video as a bonus. Pricewise, both cameras are sold almost at the same prices, especially with the $100 rebate on the EOS 60D of this spring. These progresses lead to an introductory price that is $50 more than its predecessor last year, the Canon EOS 650D / digital Rebel T4i will be sold €849, $849 and available in 3 bundles :

  • Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i + EF-S 18-55mm VR II lens : $949 / €949
  • Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i + EF-S 18-55mm VR II + EF-S 55-200mm VR lens : price TBC
  • Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i + EF-S 18-135 IS STM lens (NEW!) : $1,199 / €1,199
Today, along with the new AF-S 18-135mm IS STM lens, Canon unveiled a new EF 40mm f/2.8 STM prime lens.

Canon EOS 650D or Digital Rebel T4i main technical specifications


– Hybrid APS-C CMOS sensor –  18-megapixel
– ISO 100 to 12 800 ISO (ext. to ISO 25,600)
– Video : 1920 x 1080 pixels 24, 25 and 30 fps with stereo sound – PASM exposure – Full time AF (contrast detection) and external mic line in.
– DIGIC 5 processor
– Canon EF-S bayonet – 1.6x crop ratio
– Autofocus using the viewfinder : phase detection AF – 9 cross type sensors
– Autofocus using LiveView and video : contrast detection AF via hybrid CMOS sensor – tracking-AF
– Exposure metering : 63-zone iCFL
– Exposure compensation : +/-5EV
– Shutter : 1/4000s to 30s and Bulb
– Continuous shooting : 5 fps (22 images in JPEG and 6 images in RAW)
– 14-bit RAW
– Viewfinder : pentamirror, 95%, magnification 0,85x
– Swivel screen : 3″ / 1,040,000 dots / Clear View II / Multitouch / 3:2 ratio
– Pop-up flash : yes, guide number of 13, 17mm coverage, synchro 1/200s
– Speedlite EX external flash port, supports E-TTL II
– Wireless multiflash control
– Auto scene detection mode
– Outputs : high-speed USB, video out, miniHDMI (CEC)
– Lithium-ion LP-E8 battery
– Battery life : 440 images
– Size : 133,1 x 99,8 x 78,8mm
– Weight : 575 g (with battery and memory card)


Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i images gallery


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