Aviary : a new photo retouching app for iOS, Android and WP7 smatphones and tablets


Meet Aviary, a new photo retouching application available, free of charge, for iOS, Android and WP7 smartphones and tablets. To grab a market share on the photography mobile apps, Aviary counts on a very well designed user interface that takes benefit of today’s smartphones touch screens. I also liked Aviary tools which can be both simple and quite powerful. You can edit a photo, manually (conrast, saturation, sharpness,…) or go for the automatic enhancement tool which works fine. You can then play around with your images and apply some effects (most of them are Instagram inspired), add text, paste funny stickers…

If Aviary is free of charge, the application will serve as a plateform for third party developpers which can download the SDK to work on new tools, new filters… or even take the app under licence to create a customized photography software for their customers. So, fo rinstance, you can apply ten different filters that come free with Aviary and if you wish to get new filters packs, then you can purchase then for less than $1 (in-app purchase). Soon, Aviary should offer a complete ecosystem of extra tools, functinos, export and share possibilities, an area were the software underpeform. You can send your images to your Flickr gallery, share them with your friends on Instagram or Facebook directly from Aviary and have to exit the aplication and then retrieve the retouched image in your smartphone’s photo album.

The settings of Aviary let you choose the maximum file size of the images you want to save between 3MP, 5MP and 12MP. That is smart and neat.

aviary for iOS, iphone and ipad


Aviary free filters list

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