Sony HX20V review : sample images gallery


Ahead of the full review of Sony’s Cyber-shot compact cameras range flagship, AKA the HX20V, 20x zoom lens, 18MP BSI CMOS sensor, 1080p 60p video recording, 10 fps burst rate, GPS… here is a gallery of images shot with the hX20V at various ISO settings. I went on exploring the HDR and bokeh mode of this camera.
You can download the full resolution JPEG files  by clicking on the following miniatures.


Sony HX20V at ISO 800 and 35mm, f/5 and 1/125s. Click on the image to download the original file, in full resolution.


Sony HX20V shot in wide-angle, 25mm. (ISO 100). Next image is the same, zoomed in at 500mm. Click on th eimage to download the 18MP image right from th ecamera.


Same location as the image above but with the HX20 at 500mm.



First, this mage is shot at ISO 1,600. 2- The camera was used in HDR mode. I am not a big fan of th etexture effect on this one but I have to say that the Sony HX20V HDR mode works really well for 80% of the HDR images I took with it.


Interesting image shot at ISO 800 with the HX20V which image stabilization did a great job. It was shot at 1/20s. Effective. Now take a look at the next image.


In this image, the Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V was set on the bokeh mode. In this mode, it takes a serie of focus/defocus images and then blends them to give a nice and convincing bokeh effect. And it works ! You can download the full resolution image right from the camera by clicking on the image.


I took this photo in a presbyteian cloitre with very dim light. This camera is very smart an dtakes advantage of the high burst speed of the BSI CMOS sensor to blend multiple images and get a final image which is well exposed and without any tripod. The HX20V was set to ISO 800.


An other convincing HDR image. The outside was much brighter than the inside and the HX20V did bring a decent exposure back of the inside while not burning any highlights of the inside. You can even see the fresque and its colors very clearly. This is amazingly easy and efficient.


This image was shot from the departure of the pilgrimage of St James of Compostela from Le-Puy-en-Velay, France, to Santiago de Compostella, Spain. The image was shot with the camera HDR mode.
The same image, but without the HDR mode on. See the difference ?


See our high ISO test-image page for the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX20V.

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