Revolution Mosaic : world wide iphonography project


Revolution Mosaic is not just an iapp for iphone, it is a gigantic world wide photography project. The purprose of this free iapp (available for iOS only) is to gather mobile images shot from iphonographers around the globe and to paste them all in one single mosaic image. They plan to reach 360,000 iphone photos. Everybody can participate, provided you have an iphone to capture the image and the app (Revolution Mosaic) to send it to their server. The final Mosaic image will symbolize the mobile generation and I have to say that this project itself is pretty much relevant with the idea of  “mobile generation”. It will be printed in 72×48″ or 1.8×1.2m and sold via an online store or the iApp itself. I hope they also plan to print a gigantic image in a more ambitious size than that to suite the dimension of the project, like an image that would cover an entire large building wall.

here the link to download Revolution Mosaic (for free).

Revolution Mosaic for iphone
Revolutino Mosaic for iOS. Upload your images and help building the 360,000 images final mosaic photograph.


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