Photosynth auto panorama app now available for Windows Phone 7


Do you know Photosynth, Microsoft pretty impreeive virtual visit and panorama tool ? Well, so far, it was available as a desktop software and a mobile iOS app, but since today, it is available for all Wndows Phone 7 smartphones. Photosynth for Windows Phone 7.5 is available here.

Photosytnth is an impressive breakthrough in digital photography because of the way it lets you capture a full 360° image swiping your smartphone around you. The app decides when the camera has to trigger to cover a new portion of the panorama and stitches it to the other images. While the end result can be improved, the capture process gives an idea of th efuture of digital photography and how automatismes may powerfuly come in very handy whereas they could have been more of a burden in the past.

Photosynth for iOS and Windows Phone allows you to share your 3D browsable virtual visits and panorama with the netire community on platform, on Facebook, Twitter and by email.


Photosynth on my iPhone
Photosynth on my iPhone and the auto capture mode.


Photosynth on my iphone 4 last year. Yes, I know, I missed an entire portion of the panorama...

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