Photographers want a new MacPro !


The movement for a new MacPro is rising on the web and now has its own FaceBook page called “We want a new MacPro” (What’s in a name ?!). This page created by videographer Lou Borella gathers over 11,500 MAC users, mostly professional MacPro users, that desperately need to see a new MacPro coming to the market. MacPro’s previous version is about to celebrate its second birthday, an outdated figure in today’s world, especially for what should be the most powerful workstation for creative communities like videographers, photographers and graphic designers. Photographers can’t really be fully satisfied by the iMac although it is powerful enough for the vast majority of photography softwares, but the screen doesn’t suite our needs : lack of color accuracy, hard to calibrate and way too much glare… We also need HUGE processing power like to work on 75MB Nikon D800 RAW files in DxO or Lightroom, or to stitch a gigapixel image with Autopano for instance…

MacPros need the latest computer technologies like Ivy Bridge processors, Thunderbolt and USB 3.0… The active pro Apple computers users community need a serious sign from Apple that they are not left behind. We have the painful feeling that Apple is now concentrating its efforts on the consumer electronics products like iphone, ipad… and does not offer us satisfying updates on pro softwares (Aperture 4, where are you ?) which are also often criticised for merging with amateurs’ needs but I won’t argue on that as Aperture 3 or Final Cut Pro X may look for everyone, yet, they are still always as powerful for pros as their predecessors.

So, if you wish to add your signature to the “We want a new MacPro” petition, heat to their Facebook Page. Let’s wait till the WWDC 2012 that is held from June 11th-15th and could see a few products announcements like new Retina display MacBook pros, and why not, finally a MacPros update.

Aple MacPro computer
The FaceBook page for a new MacPro ASAP.

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