Perfectly Clear : iPhone and iPad update, compatible with Photoshop CS6


Athentech, the editor of Perfectly Clear, the one click solution to improve efficiently your images, announced today a new version of Perfectly Clear for iPad (V1.4) and for iPhone (V2.4). Also, the Photoshop plug-in is compatible with Photoshop CS6 §just like Nik Software’s and DxO FilmPack).
Here is the list of the improvements and adressed issues of the new Perfectly Clear for iPad and iPhone :

  • Fixed crashing bug from previous version
  • Memory optimization to prevent running low on memory
  • Optimized preview for faster loading
  • Optimized correction speed by over 100%
  • Updated save size to accommodate 8MP camera (4S)
  • Optimized file size for faster workflow
  • Made Tint correction more responsive
  • Captures and preserves EXIF data when taking photo through Perfectly Clear
  • Captures and preserves location data when taking photo through Perfectly Clear
  • Preserves EXIF data when importing image
  • Preserves location data when importing image
  • Identifies Perfectly Clear corrected image in EXIF data
  • Fixed image orientation data
  • Improved share abilities with Facebook
  • Improved share abilities with Twitter
  • Improved share abilities with email
  • Increased response from correction sliders
  • Fixed unusual behavior of slide-out panel

More information and updates are available on Athentech Imaging website.

I don’t use Perfectly Clear myself very much. But I have to admit that I liked the concept in the software’s review. I discovered it a few years back when I was learning Bibble Pro, one of the first non destructive RAW photography software that was plug-in compliant. It works in full auto mode or can be set with a few simple cursors. It does well enhancing your photos dramatically. I tried the Photoshop plug-in which is nice but would be even more helpful if it would automatically create a layer so that you can then set the opacity to adjust the correction’s level afterwards… I bought it for my iPad and liked playing with it but what i Hate is that when you buy the iPad version, then you have to pay again for the iphone App. That kind of unfriendly marketing behavior kills me.

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