Pentax K-30 product tour gallery


That’s a nice DSLR : the Pentax K-30 is an amateur weather-sealed advanced digital SLR, that comes to the market at an unbeatable price. It is a mixture between amateur style camera design and a prosumer camera like the Pentax K-5. I am particularly enthusiastic about this camera because it offers the 16MP Sony sensor image quality, a weather-sealed body that will resist sans, dust and water spills, built-in CCD shift image stabilization, 1070p video recording, 6fps shooting… and for a pretty low price. That camera could lure a lot of photographers to the Pentax DSLR ecosystem. That would be a rightful success for this camera brand that, to my taste, does not get the attention it deserves among photographers.

Let me take you to the Pentax K-30 image tour :


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