Lightroom and the ipad : Photosmith 2.0


Hi everyone, the iPad companion app for Lightroom, Photosmith, has just been updated to an all new version, Photosmith 2.0. Sold on itunes for $19.99, Photosmith 2.0 for ipad is still the best / only iOS application that enables photographers to include their Apple tablet in their workflow. Developed by C2 Enterprises, a small editing company founded by Chris Morse and Chris Horne, the Lightroom ipad App pioneers) collaborates with Lightroom thanks to a plug-in. Photosmith is not about having Lightroom on your ipad per se, but gives the ipad the power to interact with Lightroom, while connected or on the go to achieve some boring yet so paramount editing tasks for instance. This new version brings even more integration between Lightroom and the iPad as you can work on both directions. It is also compatible with Lightroom’s publishing services, Retina display of the New ipad and RAW files.


Photosmith ipad app
Photosmith 2.0 for ipad / Lightroom


While you are on the go, Photosmith 2.0 will let you upload your images on the ipad thanks to Apple’s camera connexion kit or he Eye-Fi system (and why not the future CloudPic Mobile system). You can then check their exposure, sharpness, composition, rate them, pick or erase them, insert metadatas, put them in your Lightroom 4 collections that you can even create with Photosmith 2.0. Once you are back at the studio, you just have to synchronize your desktop Lightroom 4 with your iPad work in Photosmih and download the images to your computer, with a simple Wi-Fi or USB connexion. This does not go through the iTunes sync process. That is convenient.

Photosmith 2.0 offer a choice of display modes based on the different Lightroom views like grid, loupe, full screen. Yes, RAW images are supported otherwise, this ipad app would barely be useful to photographers. A Retina display New iPad display will enhance the user experience thanks to its gorgeous photo display capability.

Later on, you can directly export your images online to cloud services like Dropbox or on social networks like Facebook and Flickr or share them by email.


Photosmith ipad
Photosmith 2.0 supports the Retina Display of the New iPad

Most important new features of Photosmith 2.0 :

  • Metadatas presets
  • Retina display compatibility, neat for New iPad users
  • Eye-Fi cards compliant
  • Key-words : can be paste in groups, writen, copy/paste, drop and drag…
  • Smart Groups : makes groups of images based on photo sessions
  • Lightroom’s plug-in that allows online publishing, photo export, and 2-way sync
  • Protection against corrupt images and management of corrupt files
  • Multitask : several tasks can be achieved while you are doing something else
  • Selective import of LR4 albums
  • Export to a LR4 album or an iPad album
  • Shows the RVB and luminance histograms

Photosmith 2.0 is available for $19.99 on iTunes.

Oddly #1 : this app is not Adobe’s… although many photographers working on Lightroom 4 were expecting a Touch App for their photography workflow software.
Oddly #2 : Apple, the editor of Aperture, the inventor of the tablet and the ipad with iSO, has not come yet with an iApp for Aperture. Will we see it coming as a companion app for Aperture 4 ?

Photosmith for Lightroom and ipad video

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