Lightroom 4 enters de Mac AppStore


Lightroom 4 is now available on the Mac AppStore, Apple’s desktop software marketplace at the price of $149.99 for Mac OS X computers only (while a license bought through Adobe retailers or Adobe online store gives access to installation on both Windows and Mac OS computers. That can be very convenient if like me, you often use both). There is no cut on Adobe’s official sale price of Lightroom 4 but purchasing the software through Apple AppStore could be convenient to get auto updates and to sync the app on different computers. The major downsize of Lightroom 4 on the Mac AppStor is the lack of upgrade from a previous version of Lightroom. Therefore, no existing Lightroom user will have any interest ion purhasing the LR4 update through the Mac AppStore. Maybe, the future will bring a special update price for us, photographers who already have LR3… As you know, the vast majority of Lightroom 3 users are moving to ightroom 4 to benefit from its new RAW processing algorythm which gives better images and a new set of controls that work very very efficiently.

btw : Apple + photography + software… where the heck is Aperture 4 ?!

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