Leica X2 : 16MP APS-C sensor compact camera with 24mm Elmarit lens


When Leica announced the APS-C compact camera in 2009, the Leica X1, we were all quite enthusiastic about that little marvel. A few months later a lot were disappointed by its image quality which does not stand for its huge price, especially when compared with the new generation of compact mirorless cameras. This is going to change with the Leica X2 which gets the best APS-C sensor to me : the Sony 16MP CMOS which offers both a great low-light image quality and an impressive dynamic range. So this is a very good news for Leica’s premium big sensor compact camera that will come to the market in a few weeks from now.
Second good news is the improved AF which is claimed to be fast and that is a relief… the X1 autofocus was really too slow for a 2010-2012 camera !

Appart from that, the Leica X2 gets the same 24mm Elmarit f/2.8 ASPH. lens which gives a 36mm equivalent on the X2 and a new accessory slot to plug in a 1.44 EVF or an optical viewfinder which are sold separately and way too expensive to me.

Here is a gallery of the Leica X2, which is going to be sold around $1995 / £1,575 / €1750 along with Adobe Lightroom, expensive for a compact camera with a prime lens on, but I have to admit, it is gorgeous. The Fujifilm X100 finally found some competition !



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