Leica M9 review : sample image gallery


July 2011, photography festivales in Arles, France, I have an appointment with Gaëlle from Leica to give me for a few days a Leica M9 and its Summilux 50mm F1.4 lens. I arrive at the Espace VAnGogh where there was an interesting exhibition of old photographs from Mexico… linked to the disappeared suite case of Robert Capa… I see a lot of Leica fans on Leica’s booth in the courtyard of the Espace VanGogh. Gaëlle gives me the camera and the lens, two batteries and here I am, in the streets of this antique city, a gorgeous city, testing the M9 for the review.
As a matter of fact, next time, Jully 2nd, The Rencontres d’Arles – Photography, open their doors to the public. Why not testing the Leica M Monochrom which will just be available.


Leica M9 camera review


I will finally end up in a tight street where some “street artists” had tagged these ancient walls. I submitted these pieces of art to the Summilux expensive glass sharpness and the M9 exposure metering which, as you will see, did a great job. You can download each photo when clicking on it. I shot the images with the camera set to DNG and have processed them in Aperture, not much.

Leica M9 Gallery

I hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to comment this Leica M9 gallery on my FB page.


Leica M9 camera review

Leica M

LEica M9 review

Leica M9 review

LEica M9 gallery

Leica M9

Leica M9 camera

LEica Summilux
Thank you Leica M Summilux lens...


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