DxO Optics Pro V7.5 : 64-bit and Nikon D800 support


This is a significant update if you are using DxO Optics Pro V7.5. This new version of the photography software brings :

  • 64-bit native code that will surely enhance the user experience. DxO Optics Pro is an extremely powerful software that applies lens corrections, sharpness mak… and being able to use it in 64-bit will speed  things up, both the changes preview and the processing step of the workflow. This also allows photographers to edit in DxO Optics Pro large files, till 200MB.
  • Nikon D800 support : the JPEG / RAW files of the Nikon D800 are now supported by DxO and I think that is great. I have noticed that the D800’s images are pretty soft. DxO Optics Pro has the best sharpening algorithm of all photography workflow softwares. I am currently testing DxO 7.5 with the D800 files. Looks promising. They did a remarkably good job : they added the Nikon D800 to the supported cameras list, but also added no less than 60 lens modules for the D800.
  • DxO Optics pro V7.5 adds 200 new lens modules.

DxO Optics Pro V7.5 is now available as a free upgrade for all existing V7 users. If you bought the V6 after Sept 1st 2011, you can upgrade to the V7 for free.

To get more information or to download a 30-day trial version : www.dxo.com

How about the Nikon D800E raw files ?
Actually, for a while, with the beta version of DxO Optics Pro V7.5, one could process the Nikon D800E raw images. But that was only possible thanks to the D800 camera module, not the D800E. So, the result was pretty ok, but not at DxO’s standard, lacking of a taylor made camera profile. Therefore, DxO cancelled the possibility to develop the D800E raw files in the final version of DxO Optics Pro V7.5. They still have some work to do and their camera profiling is not done yet. I bet they will be THE solution to process the tricky Nikon D800E raw files once they will really and officially support the camera. Till then, if you see D800E reviews using DxO 7.5, keep in mind that the images are processed with a camera module that is not the right one.

The D800E is quite different from the D800. Here is a D800 vs D800E comparison page .(where you can download my original NEF files if you want to process them yourself and make your own mind).

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