CloudPic Mobile : Bluetooth camera to smartphone/tablet


Aside singularly few smartcameras, Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras like the Samsung NX1000, NX20 or NX210… and the Eye-Fi card system, you have not a lot of options for transferring your stills and movies from your camera to your iphone, Galaxy S, ipad…. Hopefully, CloudPic Mobile comes with a solution, a compact, affordable and painless solution : a simple bluetooth dongle to connect to the miniUSB slot of your digital camera that will then be able to transfer photographs and movies to your idevice thanks to a dedicated CloudPic iApp, both for iOS and Android operating systems. The transfer speed is announced at 27 mbs thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 standard.

The CloudPic Mobile solution, announced at $35 only, should sell like crazy among photographers and younger people that desperately need to share their everyday’s life with their Facbook pairs. It should, I said, because till now, CloudPic is still a project, held by founder Brad Hudes, a young former Canon employee. The project is funded through the crowd funding platform Kickstarter which gathers $ and ideas. Only $9,000 were missing a few days ago to see the CloudPic initiative come true. Today, the targeted amount of $20,000 has been surpassed and the project will definitely come to life. I bet we’ll talk about them very soon.

CloudPic, a simple tool / software solution to get your camera's images on your smartphone or tablet.


Cloud Pic Blutooth dongle shown here on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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