Waterproof iPhone casing for underwater photography and video


Concord Keystone launched a waterproof iPhone casing that will enable you to dive underwater with your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s for stills or video recording while snorkeling. The Keystone ECO MarineCase is IP58 standard compliant and can be taken down till 20″ / 6m under the water level. It will also be dustproof. Therefore, it is also a perfect protection for your iPhone for beach sessions, kayak, desert trekking and so on.
The good thing with the ECO MarineCase is that it lets you use your iphone to take photos and record videos and even use the touch-screen or place calls. Eventhough, I have to admit, I do not understand how you may use your phone to call your friends while snorkeling…
The iPhone ECO MarineCase is available on Keystone’s online store for $39.99.

Summer is not far away and for Eastern holidays, spring break… you may want to fly to the Caribbeans, the Bahamas, the Red Sea… and might want to get an underwater camera for this trip. So next week, on Tuesday, I’ll publish a 2012 underwater compact digital cameras guide.

Keystone ECO MarineCase for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S : waterproof camera casing for underwater activities

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