Sony HXR-NX30E : pro digital camcorder with image stabilisation and built-in projector


Sony HXR-NX30E : pro camcorder, yet compact

Sony needed a pro digital camcorder, Full HD of course, that would be compact enough to be used almost everywhere. The Sony Sony HXR-NX30E gathers two functions usually seen on amateur camcorders : the image stabilisation (Sony Optical Steady Shot) and a built-in videoprojector. The goals of these features are ease-of-use, compactness and discretion.


Optical Steady Shot

Sony has implemented its latest BOS image stabilisation system in the HXR-NX30E so that you can go on location and shoot movies without the need of these huge (yet VERY efficient) steadicams. For most needs, the Sony HXR-NX30E optical steady shot will be enough for you provided you don’t record movies while running of course… The BOS image stabilization is new and has been unveiled during the CES 2012 that I visited last January. In that system, the entire lens + sensor shifts to balance the camera’s movements. Balance is the word : BOS stands for Balanced Optical Steadyshot. But Sony does describe this system in the HXR-NX30E press release while not stating it actually is the BOS system…
Any way, the thing is that the Optical Steady Shot on a pro camcorder is useful for working unoticed and travel light.


Exmor R sensor, 10x Carl Zeiss zoom lens, Flash storage

The Sony HXR-NX30E records videos in Full HD 1920 x 1080 and covers a 10x focal length range thanks to its 26-260mm equivalent Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens. The sensor is backside illuminated (Sony Exmor R) in 1/2.88″, a technology appreciated for its high ISO and low-light image quality, but also in video, for its fast image capture speed that prevent two major digital video phenomenons : rolling shutter and the generation of artefacts. The camcorder may record movies in 1080/60P, but also 50p, 30p, 25p and 60i or 50i (PAL vs NTSC), in AVCHD and stores them in its embedded 96GB flash storage disk (8h45mn of 28 Mbps video recording time), that can be enhanced thanks to its dual memory card slot that accepts both SD cards and Memory Sticks. Yes, the Sony HXR-NX30E is definitely a professionnal camcorder.


Built-in videoprojector

That is a feature that has appeared on some digital cameras (compact cameras) like the Nikon Coolpix S1200pj and some amateur camcorders. Today, Sony pushes this technology derived from the amateur market, to the professional camcorders : the HXR-NX30E gets a built-in videoprojector. It may display a 100″ wide image at a 5m distance. Some may thing this is a pure gadget but actually thing that, with that embedded projector, the Sony HXR-NX30E lets you project your footages on any flat surface you want, on location, or in a studio, when using a monitor is not possible, to check your rushes for instance and share it with your team, customer…


XLR, Timecodes

The Sony HXR-NX30E is a pro camcorder, once again, although it is compact and has a built-in projector. Therefore, it offers XLR microphone input. It can even record sound in Linear PCM 2.0, a lossless recording format and complies with the use of timecodes. For a multicam footage, the HXR-NX30E can synch multiple timecodes from a number of other camcorders thanks to a simple infrared remote control.

Sony HXR-NX30 professional camcorder
The Sony HXR-NX30 is a pro digital camcorder with Optical Image Stabilization, Exmor R sensor, 60p Full HD video recording, XLR input, 96GB flash memory and a built-in videoprojector.

Sony HXR-NX30E price and availability

The Sony HXR-NX30E pro digital camcorder will come to the market next June 2012. It is aimed towards professional videographers. The ones that may not be lured by the video capabilities of the latest HDSLR like the Nikon D800 and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

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