Sony HX20V and HX200V reviews coming soon


Just had a phone call from Sony PR this morning. Both HX20 and HX200 are sent to me today. I’ll post the HX20 and HX200 reviews at the same time and will make some images available through my Flickr Page. I have uploaded the Fuji X-Pro1 review sample images as well. You can see them and display at all sizes including Full Size on the X-Pro1 review album page. I am very late on the review schedule. A lot of reviews ar 80% ready but need to be published (Fuji X-Pro1, Canon G1 X, Fuji X-S1 and W10, Canon S100…). But I’ll have the HX20 and HX200 reviews published in the “bullet review format so that you get the info faster and don’t spend too much time reading reviews that won’t bring you a lot more information than what you find on the review conclusion page.

Here is the Sony HX20V review.

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