Phase One iXA and iXR : aerial photography and fine-art reproduction medium format cameras


Phase One iXA : aerial medium format photography

Phase One iXA Industrial launch an aerial photography system, medium format, available in 60 MP and 80 MP : the Phase One iXA. It has been built to resist to the constraining conditions of flight photography, with a magnesium-aloy 6061 body. Its stregtgth is also to fuse in an existing aerial photopgarphy system, being compatible with all other Phase one products and accessories. It will be sold with a software called Phase One SDK that will enable users to embed the photography session parameters in their system and to shoot at regular interval of 100 micro seconds allowing an easy post-treatment synchronization afterwards and allowing users to use multiple cameras.
Prices of the Phase One iXA systems are :

  • 80-megapixel : $60,000
  • 60-megapixel : $53,000
Phase One iXA : medium format aerial photography camera


Phase One iXR : fine art reproduction

The Phase One iXR is a robust and integrated medium format digital camera that has been designed to offer at high quality digitization for fine art reproduction and other industrial applications. Till now you only had  the solutin to build your own solution and workflow. Now, Phase One comes with the iXR that offers a pretty interesting automatic workflow tospare photpograhers some boring tasks. The phase One iXR does not need any viewfinder. This one has been suppressed and that is smart (you will shoot tethered TTL with the iXR) because that allowed them to get rid of many moving parts and the vubration that come with them. The workflow is based on Capture One. If you read me regularly, you know how I like the RAW engine of Capture One, the finest, to me. The prices of Phase One iXR systems start at $29,900. It will be available in 40, 60 and 80 megapixels, camera w/lens, but can also be purchased body only for photographers that have a digital back already and just need the camera.

Phase One iXR : fine art reproduction and digitalization, medium format camera

For more information, please visit Phase One website.

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