Panasonic GF5 sample image gallery at photographyblog


For the launch of the Lumix GF5 announced yesterday, Panasonic UK let team take a few shots in a theme Park near London and post them in JPEG on their site. The Panasonic GF5 image gallery contains 45 images that you can download, but, due to a non final firmware used by the GF5 presented to the medias and probably a non fully operational Noise Reduction system, Panasonic asked them not to post greater than 4-megapixel images. No pixel peeping then, but more a print-like aspect experience, which is actually smarter. As you know M43 sensors are at the center of a lot of criticism because of their relatively small size which can’t give the Lumix G and Olympus Pen the Low-light and high ISO performance of other APS-C mirrorless cameras. But Panasonic promised they have worked on that on the GF5. And actually, the GX1 (see the Panasonic GX1 review) showed they have already improved.

I won’t comment the photographyblog GF5 gallery photographs image quality. I’ll let you visit the page and see it for yourself.

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