Leaf Credo : 40-80 megapixels digital backs for medium format cameras


Here is the new range of Mamiya Leaf digital backs for medium format cameras. The Leaf Credo range will offer a choice between 3 digital backs :

  • Leaf Credo 40 : CCD sensor measuring 53,7 x 40,4 mm for 80-megapixel and a pixel pitch of 5.2 microns. According to Leaf, its dynamic range should reach 123V. Let me remin ou that till today, the Dynamic Range king is the Nikon D800’s sensor with more than 14EV).
  • Leaf Credo 60 : with a CCD sensor of 60 megapixels on a 4:3 ratio measuring 53.0 x 40.4mm for a pixel pitch slightly larger than the Credo 80, of 6 microns. LEaf states the Credo 60 offers a very high quantity of small details reproduction, rich colors, low noise images and a superb tons restitution…
  • Leaf Credo 40 : with the lowest resolution, the Leaf Credo 40 has a 40-megapixel CCD sensor as you have guessed. Its pixel pitch is also 6 microns and this digital back is specialized in high capture rate with 1.2 fps, which is pretty fast for a Medium Format camera and awesome for some mode studio photographers who like capturing a lot of images to get the right image. It size is therefore a bit smaller : 43.9 x 32.9 mm.

Mamiya Leaf opened to medium format cameras

Of course, the new Credo digital back are compatible with Mamiya 645DF medium format camera (1/4000s shutter speed, Synchro-X up to 1/1600s with blade diaphragme lenses produced by Schneider-Kreuznach), but the Credos are also opened to the entire Mamiya Leaf concept that enables photographers to use them with their medium format cameras of other brands like Hasselblad both V and H system and Contact cameras.


Multitouch screen

The new Leaf Credo backs are born in 2012 and you can tell : they offer a promising rear LCD which should display up to 16-million colors, offer accurate color reproduction and this screen is sensitive, multitouch to be exact, like you like on your iphone or ipad. But that is not it : with a definition of 1.15 million pixels, the Credo screens allow photographers to use high-definition LiveView. That will makes fine focusing easier. Thanks to multitouch and high-res screen, Mamiya Leaf could build a new GUI, a new way of controlling a medium format digital back. To display images quickly (and also to speed focusing up), the Leaf Credo adopt a dual core processor.


FW800, USB 3

The Leaf Credo digital backs are designed to be used by pro photographers, both on location but certainly most often in their studios. They get USB 3.0 connectors for Windows and FireWire 800 for Mac. Mac user photographers may have liked to get Thunderbolt instead to be ready for the future… but that won’t be the case (the Cinema Camera by Black Magic Design gets a Thunderbolt port).


Prices and availabilities of Leaf Credo digital backs

The Leaf Credo medium format digital backs will be delivered in June 2012 for the first ordered. Their prices are :

  • Leaf Credo 40 : $14,495 / €14,995
  • Leaf Credo 60 :  $32,495 / €19,995
  • Leaf Credo 80 : $38,995 / €24,995