Canon EOS 5D Mark III light leak solved


Canon support will adress the Canon EOS 5D Mark III light leak issue. It is now official. If you are interested or already own a Canon EOS 5D Mark III HDSLR (lucky you !), you have probably already heard about the light leak phenomenon. This issue happens when you use your camera in the dark and activate the backlit of the secondary LCD screen located on th etop of your DSLR. Then, some camera bodies exposure meter detect a light quantity which then changes the exposure parameter. The iFCL metering system is lured by the light leak. Obviously, you need to be in very specific conditions to encounter this issue and canon has identified the potentially infected cameras. How do you know if your EOS 5D Mark III may have a light leak ? Just check the serial number. If its 6th digit is either a “1” or a “2”. Your camera has won a round trip to a Canon support center where your DSLR wiull be inspected, then, if needed, repaired. Canon does not give any piece of information on the kind of work they will do on the camera.

The 5D Mark III light leak support campaign will start mid-May. You need to register your email on Canon USA support website.

Canon also released a 5D Mark II firmware update V1.1.2. More info there.


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