Canon EOS-1D X : best pro DSLR for TIPA 2012


The TIPA 2012 jury has given the Canon EOS-1D X the award of the best professional DSLR for 2012. Good. It may deserve it. But the thing is : they have not tested the camera yet !

Have you read any reviews of the Canon EOS-1D X ? I mean, real reviews with sensor performances measurements, reviews conducted in a scientific way with a production camera, not a preproduction sample ? I mean a real in-depth review, not just a hands-on preview ? No. You haven’t. The 1D X is not available and its availability has even been delayed by Canon. I am a little bit surprised by this green carpet prize obtained by Canon’s DSLR flagship.

Again, it may deserve it. The question is which criteria TIPA awards are based on if they dear allowing a TIPA award to a camera that is not even available yet ? It surprises me from such a professional team. To remind you : the TIPA awards jury is made of photography specialized journalists from many countries. I often agree with their awards which is a good indicator of the best cameras of the year (as well as accessories, lenses…) and a good reference mark for photographers which are looking for their next camera, lens, software, printer… photography gear. BUt today, I don’t get it. They granted an award to a camera which has not been reviewed…

Anyway, granting an award called “best pro DSLR” is a bit of a nonsense today as we have 4 magnificent contenders : the Canon EOS-1D X, EOS 5D Mark III, the NIkon D4 and D800. We can not say that this one is better than this one anymore as, for each type of photographer’s need, there is a specialized DSLR.

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