Western Digital My Passport 2 To : your entire photo library on a portable hard drive


Western Digital unveiled the first portable hard with 2 TB of storage space. THis will allow most photographers to back up their entire Aperture or Lightroom library, to go on a photo trip and to save all RAW files of a photo session as the WD My Passport will be able to save 80,000 Nikon D7000 images shot in RAW files and 40,000 Nikon D800 huge NEF files. Of course, videographers will probably go for this hard drive for its huge storage space that will save them their laptop hard drive space but also for its USB 3.0 transfer speed (USB 2.0 supported of course).

The new My Passport portable hard drive is covered with a finger print free and scratch free coating and comes with a hardware data encryption (as well as a password protection if needed). The hard drive is delivered with an automatic backup software which will do more or less the same bacjups as Time Machine on Mac OS.

Available in 5 colors, the Western Digital My Passport extarnal hard drive will be sold :

  • 500MB : $ 129,99
  • 1 TB : $ 159,99
  • 2 TB : $ 249,99
Western Digital My Passport 2 TB hard drive will be available in 5 colors.