Wacom Intuos5 tablet : multitouch


Wacom today announces the successor of the Intuos4 : the Intuos5. The graphic tablet gets multitouch capabilities with Express View display of the button’s functions, a new pen, the Grip Pen Intuos5 and an optinnal wireless kit.

If you are a Mac user, you are going to love the Intuos5 for its new multitouch functions :

  • It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion gestures
  • You can design your own gestures and assign them to some Photoshop functions you often use
  • With multitouch, the Intuos5 tablet lets you zoom in and out images, swipe from one image to an other one, etc.

Intuos5 UI customization

The Wacom Intuos5 generation offers from 6 to 8 Express Keys, these shortcut buttons you already know if you are familiar to Wacom tablets. You can assign them the function you want and if you touch the Express Keys, you activate an overlay on your computer screen that displays the tablet’s settings and the function assigned to each button before fading out to remain non intrustive. That is the new “Express View” function. The new pen gets 2 customizable buttons as well. You can also assign up to 4 functions to the tablet’s Touch Ring.

New pen : Intuos5 Grip Pen

The new stylus of the Wacom Intuos5 generation is both pressure sensitive (with up to 2048 levels of pressure) and detects its orientation up to a 60° angle in order to reproduce the feelings you have when using traditional painting and drawing tools like pens or pencils.

Wireless : optional kit

The Intuos5 does not get built-in wireless capabilities but Wacom sells an optional wireless connexion kit made of a USB port rechargeable battery, a blutooth emitter that you connect to the tablet and a receiver that goes on your computer.

This new generation pof Intuos5 Touch tablets will be available in March in S, M and L sizes and Wacom will sell a M size tablet without Multitouch that you can only use with its stylus.

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