Photoshop CS6 : 20 free video tutorials at


Scott Kelby has launched the Photoshop user/CS6 website this morning along with no less than 20 free videos featuring the new functions and user interface of Adobe Photoshop CS6 which beta versino has been released this morning, a Premiere for Photoshop which had never been released as a public beta version before.

The 20 Photoshop CS6 tutorial videos deal of :

  • Vector layers
  • Character styles panel and paragraph style panel
  • Erodible brush tip
  • Wide angle correction with plane tool
  • Field blur and blur effect
  • Iris and tit-shift blur
  • Oil paint filter
  • The new Camera Raw 7 and its changes
  • Trim, transition and export of videos as well as video music, picture effects and text
  • Photoshop CS3 new 3D tools
  • Deco pattern

To view these free Photoshop CS6, rush to 

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