Nikon D4 and D800 price increase confirmed in the UK, spreading to Europe and more ? UPDATED


It is now official : Nikon is increasing the price of its2012 star-DSLR in the UK : the Nikon D4 is now sold £500 more than the previously announced price to reach £5,299. The Nikon D800 gets a £200 increase and will now be sold £2,599. What is going on ? Nikon is blaming an internal systems error… which I won’t buy, sorry. I think Nikon is pleased with its cameras, their performances (read the Nikon D800 sensor review) and have found out that Canon’s competitors DSLR prices are higher for the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS-1D X. Actually, the price increase corresponds more or less to the price gap between Canon and Nikon cameras. So… sorry folks. I doubt Nikon is very clean on this one.

Now the question is : will this price increase be retrained to the United kingdom or will it spread all over Europe, and maybe the rest of the world ? I am afraid I have an answer. I talked to the proDSLR product manager last week. He told me the entire price policy was being changed and that he could not confirm my personal price for my D800 which I have not ordered yet (I was waiting to review the D800 first). I would bet Nikon will announce price increases in various European countries very soon.

All orders placed before Yesterday March 24th will be delivered at the former price but the price increase is now effective.

UPDATE Mar-27th : Nikon France confirmed me this morning that the D800/D800E and D4 cameras will remain unchanged. It looks like this price increase will affect UK customers only. Sorry falks. 

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