New iPad : stunning portfolios with Retina display


Will I order The New iPad ? Yes, I surely will ! I have been waiting for the new Apple tablet for months now because I wanted a Retina display that I appreciate so much on my iPhone 4.

The New iPad : Retina Display

It is now official, the iPad 3, which is actually named the “New iPad”, has a Retina display type of screen with a definition of 2,048 x 1,526 dots and a saturation increased by 44%. This definition, 3.2 million dots, on a 9.7″ gives a 264 dpi resolution : the resolution of a photo print ! But that is not it.

The New iPad : 5-megapixel iSight (BSI sensor) and 1080p

The New iPad gets a new backlit sensor, of 5-megapixel (vs 8 MP on the iPhone 4s) and I expect it to be quite a life saver. The image is digitally stabilized. I won’t use my New iPad as a camera but when you don’t have any quality camera with you, it allows you to take pictures of a decent quality. In addition to that, the new isight may record 1080p movies.

A5x processor, 4G LTE, price…

The New iPad employs two processors : a quad-core A5x processor (not the expected A6 chip). According to Apple, their chip would be 3 times faster than Nvidia’s Tegra 3… Apart from that, Apple refreshes a succesfull recipe without really changing ot : 16 to 64 GB, Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi+4G-LTE (that is new), $499 for the basic model. The iPad 2 will remain on sale with a $100 price cut. I was going to forget… the New iPad is thicker… how thicker ? Of 0.6mm. Will you notice it ? It is available in white or black.

For my photo transfer, I wish the New iPad had a SD reader built-in. But I have to admit I did not quite expect that. What I want now is an aperture Touch App that would allow me to do some editing on the go…. We’ll see if Apple comes with something similar when they release Aperture 4, expected at the end of March. (Lightroom 4 is now officially launched and with a 50% price decrease).

I can’t wait to get it to browse albums and portfolios on 500px App. As soon as I get it, hopefully on March 16th, I will post a review of Apple’s New iPad.

The New iPad gets a Retina Display, 1080p, backlit sensor, 4G, Quad-core chip...