Lightroom 4 : success is there, polls say


The final version of Lightroom 4 just went out. I seized the opportunity to measure the proportion along you readers and photographers which are going to upgrade from Lightroom 3 to Lightroom 4.I organized a poll on my facebook page. To the question asked to current Lightroom 3 users, “are you going to buy the Lightroom 4 upgrade?” :

  • 59% said yes
  • 9% said no
  • 41% said they don’t have decided yet


In addition to my own poll, Lightroom facebook group has also organized its own one whith a different approach but that also shows the huge success of Lightroom 4. March 2012 is going to be a sales record at Aobe !

to the question “Lightroom 4 : have you upgraded ?”

  • Bought it and installed it : 58%
  • Installed the 30-day trial version : 18%
  • no, still using Lightroom 3 : 13%
  • no, what the heck is Lightroom 4 ? : 11%


As you can see, a huge majority of professional and amateur photographers are going to buy the upgrade to Lightroom 4 as its price has been slashed by 50% which makes it realistic to upgrade every 2 years without hurting your budget. To me, if Adobe has finally implemented map management and photo book processing in Lightroom 4, the key to LR4 success is undoubtedly its new high-quality Raw conversion engine.


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