Leica M9-P white limited edition : gorgeous, exclusive


I like Leica as brand, but I think more of Leica as a luxury products brand. I reviewed the M9 last summer and loved it but would never be willing to pay what Solms fine marketers are willing to charge us for a M9 with a couple of prime Summarit lenses. If there is an area I respect Leica, it is the way they launch gorgous special editinos of their cameras. Today, I learnt that the M9-P would be launched in japan in a white limited edition, produced at 50 pieces only and sold with the incredible Noctilux 50mm f/0.95.
To sum it up :

  • The Leica M9-P white is really gorgeous in white
  • The Leica M9-P comes with the Noctilux 50mm F/0.95
  • The Leica M9-P White is a limited edition : 50 units only will be produced
  • The Leica M9-P White won’t end up on my collectible camera shelf : it will be sold 2;620,000 Japanese Yen, which ives a $31,700 pricetag.
The Leica M9-P White limited edition. $31,700...

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