Canon EOS 5D Mark III supported by Adobe Lightroom 4.1 RC


Canon EOS 5D Mark III RAW files (see the EOS 5D Mark III reviews roundup) are now supported by the update of Lightroom 4 that is now available as a Release Candidate in version 4.1. If you have just received your new dream camera, AKA the EOS 5D Mark III, you may want to update Lightroom 4.1 RC on Adobe Labs. If not, you will probably want to wait a bit further till Adobe release the full version of lightroom 4.1 that will also fix a few bugs. Lightroom 4 suffer from a few important bugs which surprised me knowing Adobe… for instance, you loose the previous adjustments you made with the curve tool and quite often external software or plug-in won’t open when you want to edit your image in a third party software like a Nik Software plug-in from the Photo menu, edit in command.

Lightroom 4.1 RC is available for bot Windows and Mac users.

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