Photoshop CS6 : Content-aware fill evolutions video. Voodoo !


You all know the magical content-aware fill function appeared in Photoshop CS5. Adobe has refined this impressive and quite useful technology for the next edition of Photoshop CS6, expected to be released within a few weeks time. Adobe has published a sneak preview of the evolutions of the content-aware fill as it will be offered in Photoshop CS6. I have spotted two major innovations :

  • If you use it in CS5, you know how good the tool can be… but also how bad it can be when your selection is too near a very different subject. Well, Photoshop CS6 will give you the ability to choose where to get the texture to fill in your selection from, just like you would do with the patch tool. Neat.
  • Voodoo : Photoshop CS6 will come impressively handy with this new selection (rough, very rough) + move tool to remove a subject and recompose your image. Photoshop CS6 will compute the right selection making the difference between the subject to be selected and the background to be kept unchanged. You move the subject and Photoshop CS6 will paste it where you want and fill its gap with “content-aware guessed texture”.

Here is the video from Adobe :


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