Pentax DA K-mount lens line-up by 2013


Launching system cameras is great. Launching great mirrorless cameras like the Pentax K-01 announced yesterday is supergreat… but even better, adding new attractive lenses is what photographers really need from manufacturers to go for their cameras. Look at Sony whose NEX-5N or NEX-7 are among the best mirrorless cameras but what a poor lens line-up ! Huge lenses, slow lenses….

So yesterday, further to unveiling the K-01, Pentax has published a pdf documents stating what the K-mount lens line-up by the end of 2013.

So… acording to this roadmpa, the Pentax lens range may not count any new addition of XS lenses but the 40mm F2.8 (available in kit with ethe K-01), the slimest lens ever. That is unfortunate, but they don’t state to be willing to make any other XS lens on their document… weird.

But they will add a telezoom lens reaching 600mm, a nice standard 50mm APS-C equivalent prime lens.

Let me remind you that the K-01, thanks to its K-mount, is compatible with ALL Pentax K lenses.

You can dowloand Pentax DA lens roadmap here.

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