Nikon D800 preorders open


The Nikon D800 is among the most expected cameras of 2012. This DSLR is going to sell like crazy (read the Nikon D800 road to success). As I wrote, Nikon told me that they have huge deliveries coming in for the end of March. So, you will get the D800 in large numbers when they will launch it, on March 22nd, one week after the delayed D4 comes to the shelves. But, in spite of the huge D800 copy number being produced, Nikon expect a shortage a few weeks after the first SLR are delivered.

I booked mine. If you want to do so, Here are some online stores that are currently taking Nikon D800 preorders :
B&H D800
B&H D800E
Adorama D800
Best Buy D800
Even the new MB-D12 battery grip can be ordered.
Surprisingly, Amazon still haven’t open the D800 preorders….

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