Nikon Coolpix cameras 2012 line-up


Nikon unveils today 11 new compact cameras that will represent 80% of the 2012 Coolpix offer.

Coolpix S9200 and S9300 

This year, we hear a lot about 20x zoom lens compact cameras. But Nikon decided to stick to ots 18x 25-450mm lens for this year on the Coolpix S9200 (without GPS) and S9300 (with GPS). Both cameras save 4mm in width and we like that. They get last year’s Sony BSI CMOS sensor of 16 megapixels and offer Full HD video, 3D stills, HDR, etc. and of course the same 3″ / 921 000 LCD screen.
Looking for a 18x compact camera ? Check the Pentax Optio RX18 out, or, in 20x, the masters : Sony HX20V and Panasonic ZS20 / TZ30.

Nikon Coolpix S9200 without GPS and Coolpix S9300 with GPS : 25-450mm

Coolpix S6300 : 10x with 16 MP

Nikon’s 10x compact camera gets rid of the basic CCD and gets the backlit CMOs sensor (16-megapixel) in order to allow the Coolpix to record Full HD movies and 3D stills with HDR mode.

Coolpix S3300 and S4300 : cheap and better

This is a best-seller, or should be a best-seller as the one it replaces (the Coolpix S3100). It offers better specs like 6x optical zoom, 16-megapixel CCD sensor and its image stabilization system evolves from a simple digital system to a real optical VR one.
The Coolpix S3300 will have a tactile brother : the Coolpix S4300 with a 3″ / 460,000 dots touch-screen.

The Nikon Coolpix S3300 gets better with 6x zoom and a touch-screen brother, the Coolpix S4300

 Coolpix P310 : 16 MP BSI CMOS sensor

The Nikon P300 gets a few evolutions and becomes the P310 in 2012 : new Fn button (you will be tempted to assign it the ISO setting),  its optical image stabilization appears to be the VR2, generation 2, more efficient, and the sensor is updated with the latest 16-megapixels backside illuminated CMOS sensor.

I love the Coolpix P310 in white.

Coolpix S30 : rugged waterproof camera for children

Smart move ! Nikon introduces the S30, a 3m deep waterproof compact camera that can survive to 80cm heigh shocks, the height of children’s hands. The Coolpix S30 is design for children with a simplified UI, two large buttons on the top, video or stills. Its photography skills are unfortunately the same ones as the Coolpix L23 of last year… 10 megapixel CCD, 3x zoom lens, 2?7″ screen and 720p. Ok, I may be a little bit too demanding, at least it is a fREAL CAMERA for children, not a TOY that takes images.

The first Nikon camera designed for children, the Coolpix S30, waterproof

Coolpix P510 : 42x bridge camera

No ! This is not a typo ! The Coolpix P510 is indeed powerful and gets an impressive 24-1000mm lens. The lens is stabilized with the new version : VR2. The p510 gets the 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and the 3″ / 921,000 dots LCD tilt screen. As the majority of new cameras announced today by Nikon, the P510 will support Eye-Fi memory cards.
Ask me which on eis the BEST bridge camera on the market by far. Undoubtedly, the Fuji X-S1. better than any other. More expensive as well.

24-1000mm in a single camera ! The 42x lens of the Nikon Coolpix P510 offers this impressive performance.

Coolpix L810 : cheaper bridge, 26x

Cheaper than the P510, the Coolpix L810 gets a more powerful zoom lens than the L800 it replaces. Its 26x lens starts at an impressive 22;5mm wide-angle short focal length. It will get a more attractive 3″ / 921,00 dots LCD screen.

Coolpix L25 and L26 : entry level compact cameras

Nothing fun there except price : for $99 and $99, these compact cameras offer 5x zoom lens, 10-megapixel CCD, 720p video. The $99 Coolpix L26 offers a 16-megapixel CCD… to the amateurs eyes, pixel counts is still a strong criteria.

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  1. I have to say, I like this new Nikon camera range : they renewed all models adding interesting things like 3″ / 921 000 dots screens on cheap cameras, the 42x zoom on the bridge camera P510 and the GPS sensor on the Coolpix S9300.
    Pretty sure they are going to get a great success in 2012 with this compact camera range.