Hasselblad TV


Hasselblad launched Hasselblad tv, video website dedicated to the brand, its medium format cameras, its softwares and its photograhers. On this Hasselblad Youtube-like site, you will enjoy, even if you are not a professional photographer, some video tutorials with tips and techniques on how to use your H4D, which perfect workflow to go for if you are using Phocus (Hasselblad’s photography software), but also short movies on photography events, worldwide, and the experience of other photographers which use Hasselblad cameras in their work.

Hasselblad is one of the most exclusive camera brands, aimed towards professional photographers, but a brand that makes amateur photographers dream. And I like it. Myself, I’d dream of using a H4D for high definition landscapes or ultramsooth skin color gradients and texture rendering portraits… but you have to count on a huge budget… which you may prefer to spend on other things like travel expenses for instance.
But Medium Format remains quite special and once you have started using it, it is very difficult to go back to a “small” Full Frame sensor DSLR….

Some videos of Hasselblad TV are available in English, but also in French, Spanish, German, Chinese…  You can share a movie you liked on Facebook, Twitter, etc. But, if you are using an Hasselblad camera, digital back of software, you may also submit you own movie to share your common history with your “Blad”.

To watch Hasselblad TV, visit : htv.hasselblad.com.
You can enjoy Hasselblad TV on your computer (Mac and PC) as well as on your iPhone and iPad.

Hasselblad TV : how to set your white balance on your H4D


Hasselblad photographers can share their work with the community


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