Canon EOS-1D X : battery life scandal


As a pro photographer, you may want to have a huge battery life when you go on location, either for a wedding, a football game, a car race, while covering Syria events… but, this year, because of electronics regulations in Japan, both Nikon and Canon had to cut their batteries power. You remember from our article (30 new things and improvements brought by the nikon D4), that its battery life is down to 2,600 stills from 4,250 images on the d3s.
Well, this is actually better than the battery life the Canon EOS-1D X should offer. My friends at Focus Numerique, from their branch in japan and reporter Pierre Caillault have noticed that the pro DSLR technical specs page of Canon Japan website shows…..

  • 1250 images : when used at 23°C and optical viewfinder
  • 860 images : when used at 0°C and optical viewfinder
  • 290 images : when used at 23°C and Live View
  • 250 images : when used at 0°C and Live View
How is that possible ? How can photographers bare such a tiny battery life when they will cover the Winter Olympic games and would probably shoot between 10 and 14 fps with the EOS-1D X ?
Do you hear the scandal coming ?Any way, if we were disappointed by the loss of battery life of the Nikon D4, today, knowing Canon’s specs, we can say that Nikon reps have the hell of a good selling point : the D4 battery life is twice as big as what offers the Canon EOS-1D X.

Here is the link to the EOS-1D X technical specs page at Canon Japan.